Vaasa Baroque Festival

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Vaasa Baroque Festival offers concerts and opera performances in Vaasa and Ostrobothnia in Finland. We believe that our dear audience should get to experience early music performances on a high, international level. Our first concerts were in 2013 and since then, we’ve expanded our concert series each year.

Nowadays we have performances throughout the year. In earlier years we only had concerts in the autumns, but our audience really appreciates concerts all through the long winter season in Vaasa. Normally, our main production of the year takes place in early October.

Operatic performances in Vaasa have included: G.F.Händel: Alcina (Finnish premiere, 2017), C.Monteverdi: L’Orfeo (Vaasa and Helsinki, 2019), J.Haydn: L’isola disabitata (2021).

We give concerts in many different venues in Vaasa: Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa church, the museums Tikanoja and Kuntsi, both in central Vaasa and also at Skafferiet Ritz. We find it very interesting making the music fit the venue in particular ways: concert programs may be planned to fit the art exhibitions at the local museums. In our latest St John’s Passion we specifically used the altar paintings of the Vaasa church dramaturgically.